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US20165 - Walk on the Beach Solid Body Scrub

A solid anhydrous scrub that melts on the skin while exfoliating and moisturizing the body!

A single solid scrub to crush on the skin then rinse off .


A nourishing body scrub that comes in a single mold that melts on the skin to exfoliate and soften the skin!


  • Physical exfoliation
  • Nourishing
  • Softening effect

Key Ingredients

DUB CIRE H1* and KARITE CP**** build a solid texture that easily melts at skin temperature.
VEGELINE 65** improves stability at elevated temperatures, and cohesion between oils and butters. It gives body and consistency to the formulation and moisturizing benefits.
MONTANOV™ 14 is an alkylpolyglucoside co-emulsifier used as consistency agent.
DUB SK*, a mild soap which helps to cleanse the skin and rinses off the scrub.
A combination of natural emollients, EMOGREEN™ L19, DUB OE HP*, and Organic Deodorized Coconut Oil** increases the payoff on the skin while improving the spreadability, the softness and the moisturizing effect.
ANTILEUKINE 6™ soothes and protects the skin after UV exposure.


Phase Ingredient %
A EMOGREEN™ L19 2.50%
VEGELINE 65** 18.00%
MONTANOV™ 14 5.00%
DUB CIRE H1* 17.00%
KARITE CP** 5.00%
Organic Deodorized Coconut Oil** 5.00%
DUB OE HP* 10.00%
DUB SK* 15.00%
C Salt 20.00%
D Fragrance "Bath-Radise" 0.50%


Laboratory scale - 300g batch - Overhead mixer

Combine Phase A and heat to 80C and mix well. Cooldown the batch to 60C and add phase B while agitating. At 55C, add Salt and mix well. Add phase D right before pouring into jar at 50C.


Aspect: Solid Nude Scrub
Packaging: Individual Box
pH: N/A VISCOSITIES: 1M at RT: 430,000 cps Brookfield LV96V0.6 Recovery at RT (after 1M at 45°C): 450,000 cps Brookfield LV96V0.6 STABILITY: Passed 3 months at RT 45°C, 3F/T cycles -5°C/+40°C.

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