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EU07771 - Beach Solar Sunscreen

A more ocean-friendly sunscreen formula!


Apply generously to protect yourself with SPF 50+ (in vitro tested)!


  • SPF 50+ (in-vitro)
  • Easy application
  • Moisturizing

Key Ingredients

Developed with a high content of fat-soluble UV filters, often associated with 'reef-safe' labels, and with a water-resistant emulsifier, SENSANOV™ WR, this formula has been optimized to reduce its solubilization in water and therefore its potential environmental impact on ocean ecosystems.

SENSANOV™WR *(C20-22 Alkyl Phosphate and C20-22 Alcohols)*​​ It also makes it easy to formulate stable suncare products (texture, filter dispersion, protection index, etc.). Multi-purpose phosphate anionic emulsifier effective at low dosage (1 to 3%). Provides a sensation of lightness, a matte and velvety veil that slowly envelops the skin.

MONTANOV™ 82 (Cetearyl Alcohol and Coco-Glucoside) It also makes it easy to formulate stable suncare products (texture, filter dispersion, protection index, etc.). Approved by Ecocert, Cosmos and Natrue.

LANOL™ 37T (Triheptanoin) is a good solubiliser of organic sunscreens.

EMOGREEN™ L19 (C15-19 Alkane) is a non-polar, biodegradable emollient of vegetable origin. It gives a fresh and slippery touch with a soft finish.

SEPILIFE™ NUDE (Sodium Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyl Dimethyl Taurate Copolymer and C15-19 Alkane and Polyglyceryl-6 Laurate and Polyglycerin-6) Pre-neutralised liquid polymer and thickener over a wide pH range (5.5 to 12), it can also be used to emulsify and stabilise all types of fatty phases using a cold process

SEPIFINE™ BB (Amylopectin) A natural texturising powder made from the ethically and sustainably grown and harvested babassu nut in Brazil. This biodegradable powder provides a soft and velvety finish to the skin while creating a pleasant playtime with a mattifying effect.

AQUAXYL™ (Xylitylglucoside and Anhydroxylitol and Xylitol) Thanks to a harmonization of the cutaneous water flows, AQUAXYL™ hydrates and restructures the skin. Water reserves are instantly increased, water circulation is boosted in all skin layers and water loss is reduced (proven in vitro and in vivo)

ANTILEUKINE 6™ (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride and Laminaria Ochroleuca Extract) An active ingredient that reinforces the skin's basal state and protects it from UV, blue light and neurogenic stress, it is an immediate soother with anti-ageing benefits that also improves skin quality. The perfect Daily Soothing Shield for your skin!


Laboratory scale - 200g - Silverson

In the main beaker, weigh out phase B. Heat to 80°C in a water bath, mix with a spatula. Heat the water in a kettle. Weigh phase A in another beaker, mix with a spatula. Ensure that the filters are completely melted. Add phase B' to B just before emulsification, mix with a spatula. When both phases are at 80°C, pour phase A into phase BB' in one go. Emulsify 4 min at 4000 rpm with Silverson. Cool for 20 min at 100-200 rpm with a Heidolph equipped with an anchor.Place in a water bath after 10 min. Add phase C then phase D after 2 min in water bath, continue cooling. Adjust the pH to 5.5.


Aspect: Yellow cream

Packaging: Tube

pH: 5.5

VISCOSITIES: 1M at RT: 38500 cps Brookfield M4V6

Recovery at RT (after 1M at 45°C): 53000 cps Brookfield M4V6

STABILITY: 1 month at RT

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