Experience a world of softness with Seppic's texturizing powders!

July 12, 2022

There is so much that goes into the formulation of skincare. Efficacy, packaging, benefits, and especially finish and sensorial aspects. What’s better than a skin care product that is effective, and innovative with an enjoyable application?

Texturizing powders offer mattifying properties with many additional benefits - a strong tool for formulators!

Seppic carries SEPIMAT™ & SEPIPRESS™ ranges of texturizing agents, white powders, made of spheres - or hemispheres - from 1 to 15μm that add softness to the formulations, ultra powdery finish as well as multiple other benefits…

But what are these benefits?

First goal: Sensoriality!

Our texturizing agents, especially spherical ones, that are dispersed in the cosmetic products, roll on the skin upon application! This gives a perceived soft sensation, with a satin-to-ultra powdery finish.

Looking for the softest? Try SEPIMAT™ HB V

They also help to reduce the oily and sticky skin feel in formulations, thanks to their absorbing power!

A matte and soft finish

Texturizing powders physically help improve the skin aspect thanks to both optics and physics: They immediately provide a soft-focus, blurring effect, by reflecting the light in multiple directions rather than giving a glossy specular reflection. This reduces the appearance of imperfections and gives a matte, flawless look.

Plain spheres are even more efficient than hollow ones, as they also absorb part of the light. Try SEPIMAT™ SB or SEPIMAT™ P

Specular Angles

Texturizing powders also provide a long lasting mattifying effect, by absorbing the excess lipid on the skin, whether from the beauty product or from the skin sebum itself.

For the highest mattifying effect and reduced stickiness linked to the oil absorption ability, try SEPIMAT™ HB V or SEPIMAT™ H10 FW. They are hollow microspheres, respectively reducing shine by about 47% and 65% when used in an emulsion at 2% and 3%.

Liquid Absorption

If you had to pick one grade for a matte effect, go for SEPIMAT™ SB, the most versatile!

Which grade for which application?

Our Sepimat™ and Sepipress™ ranges provide the right balance between softness and a matte finish - but how can you pick the best one for your formulation?

Type of formula

Most of our texturizing agents are very versatile and dispersible in water or oil phases. These can be used in most applications: SEPIMAT™ CP 5 SEPIMAT™ SB SEPIMAT™ H10 FW SEPIMAT™ HB V

SEPIMAT™ P is mostly water-dispersible, preferable to keep for aqueous gels, cream gels, O/W emulsion. It has the advantage of staying uniformly dispersed overtime in aqueous medias - even at high dosage.

SEPIPRESS™ M,on the contrary, is oil-dispersible - better to keep for inverse emulsions or anhydrous formulas and to avoid in water-based formulas or O/W emulsions. Its dispersion in oily media is uniform overtime even at higher %.

Developing pressed powders?

SEPIPRESS™ M is made of smooth spheres with excellent compressibility. It is perfect for pressed powders & anhydrous products.

Fluid/sprayable formulas

For fluid formulations, often subject to creaming or sedimentation, the best is to use smaller particles that are easier to suspend. They also have a better diffusion through a spray!

SEPIMAT™ SB, 1 to 5μm particle size, is the best candidate for fluid/sprayable formulas!

Looking for a natural alternative for softness and a matte effect?

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